Proposes a new therapy against glaucoma, that aims at controlling with more efficacy the disease progression and avoid the loss of vision, reducing significantly the impacts of present therapies and of a disease with a heavy human and economical burden. 

The RNAi technology is particularly suited for treatment of glaucoma, since the effect persists after treatment, because the silenced protein has to be resynthesized by the organism, to reassume its biological activity. 

The project is co-promoted by Phyzat Biopharmaceuticals, CIBB - Centre for Innovative Biomedicine and Biotechnology of the University of Coimbra and ICBAS - Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar, of the University of Porto.

The project covers the development phase of a new medicine, following the phase of discovery, successfully finished by Phyzat, in which the efficacy in vitro and in vivo of the elected siRNA molecules was proved. It comprises the development of the elected molecules and the validation of its efficacy in reduction of intraocular pressure. This project will allow to finish the development phase of a new therapy against glaucoma and outlicense said program, with the associated PI, to a pharmaceutical company who will start regulatory trials leading to market approval. 

The SIRNAGLAU project has a budget of 745.445,93 €, and is supported by European Union public funding of 580.266,91€ through FEDER. SIRNAC was started in October 2019 and is due to finish in September 2021. 

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