Covers the proof of concept for the discovery and development of a new RNAi- based therapy against COVID-19, blocking replication of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in human cells. Specialists acknowledge the need, for years to come, of a targeted and effective therapy, beyond the possible success of new indications of medicines already approved for other diseases and of a new vaccine that enables to eradicate the disease in a global vaccination campaign. RNAi technology has already proved successful with 2 approved medicines and has a faster time of development than alternative technologies. 

The project covers the proof of concept phase of a new medicine, in which the efficacy in vitro of the elected siRNA molecules will be proved. It comprises the development of the elected molecules and the validation of its efficacy in blocking the production of viral proteins. This project will allow tooutlicense said program, with the associated PI, to a pharmaceutical company who will continue development leading to market approval.

The SIRNACOVID project has a budget of 151.958,95 €, and is supported by European Union public funding of 145.956,64 € through FEDER. SIRNAC was started in April 2020 and is due to finish in January 2021. 

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